We offer Grand Rapids and the surrounding area many different concrete services. In our 30+ years of business, we’ve honed our skills to tackle many different projects. We are top-notch contractors for residential, commercial, and agricultural projects. Layout for all footings and poured walls are done with a GPS Total Station. Walls are also checked with the system after setup for accuracy and squareness. Our crews have exceptional skill and work ethic ensuring your project gets done right, while keeping a competitive cost. Local to Marne, we care about providing the best concrete service to our communities in West Michigan: Marne, Allendale, Lamont, Walker, Conklin, Wright, Coopersville, Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, Hart, Big Rapids, Ludington, Baldwin, Michigan.

Poured Driveway
Barn foundation

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Why Go With Us?


Regardless of the project you have going on, we can help. Our team of concrete experts have experience on all types of concrete projects. We’ll work with you to plan out and execute your project.

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How do you choose the right concrete contractor?

It is critical that concrete pouring is done right… the first time, especially when it comes to poured walls and foundations. Our crews are specialized in footings, poured walls, and foundations allowing us to stay competitive in price while also provide unmatched quality. Some of our jobs are tearing out concrete and re-pouring it because of issues it had. This can be a costly fix that may have been preventable in the first place. You don’t want to end up with problems later on, the first step to ensure your project goes well is hiring the right concrete contractor.
That’s where we come in. At TS Max Concrete we only take jobs that we know we can provide an exceptional service for. By showing honesty, integrity, and exceptional craftsmanship we hope to let our reputation and quality speak for itself. We are committed to providing excellent customer service each and every day. We value maintaining the same workers and keeping our crews together so that our skills and proficiency continue to improve allowing us to provide the best residential, commercial, and agricultural concrete services in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Covered dairy barn grooved concrete for traction
Covered dairy barn with grooved concrete for traction.
Using skid steer to dig and pour piers
Using track loader to dig holes for pouring piers.