TS Max Concrete is a leader in concrete contracting services in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Our team of concrete professionals excel in all agricultural style projects covering all of West Michigan.

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Agricultural Concrete Services

  • Diary Barns
  • Poured Walls
  • Flatwork
  • Manure Pits
  • Pole Barns
  • Grain Bins
  • Silo Pads

At TS Max Concrete we understand farming needs. We are very familiar with the different types of projects that are necessary to have a successful operation. If you’re in need of a milk parlor, barn, manure pit, grain bin, silo pad, or any other application where concrete is needed. We are your best choice in the West Michigan area. At TS Max Concrete we pride ourselves on doing good honest work at a reasonable price, whether it’s for your house or farm.

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Covered dairy barn grooved concrete for traction

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