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Some services we offer

Residential New Construction

If you’re looking for a new build we specialize in pouring footings, foundations, and walls. The foundation of a house or building is critical for its safety and value. The construction must be done correctly  to avoid potentially major problems down the line. Each phase has special requirements and choosing a company that has experience in various soil conditions is a must. We take into account choosing the right foundation type, sub-grade preparation and concrete curing times. We can prevent water infiltration by waterproofing the walls and foundation while also ensuring proper drainage around your building. The last thing you want is a damp basement that causes problems and is a breeding ground for mold.  

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Pole Barn Pouring & Flatwork

A popular choice for barn flooring is having a concrete slab. Depending on the intended use of the barn and customer preferences we will determine the performance criteria necessary for the project. It doesn’t matter if the barn will house animals, see heavy vehicle traffic, have large storage tanks, or equipment, we are experienced in it all. The proper sub-grade is a key factor in ensuring that the slab will stand the test of time and prevent issues that could arise. Our crews are experienced in pouring and finishing concrete in pole barns because of our partnership with a pole barn building company. This experience will help to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re interested in getting a pole barn built, still get in touch as we will pass the information along to a building partner so we can work closely with them through the entire project to ensure your satisfaction. 

Residential Flatwork

With special crews that focus on flatwork to ensure you’re getting the best possible result. We install basement floors, garage floors, barn floors, approaches, sidewalks, porches, patios, and driveways. We can also do tear-out and re-pour projects. By having crews dedicated to flatwork we can provide you a high quality service for a very competitive price.  We can handle custom flatwork to get you the look you want, whether you’re looking for exposed aggregate or something else.

Residential Poured Walls

We started out in poured walls and it is something we’re very good at. We have the equipment and experience to provide walls for residential homes, pole barns, retaining walls, and much more. All the panels used on our walls are aluminum which decreases the number of joints and creates a smoother finish on your walls. 

Other Services

TS Max Concrete also offers special services that include waterproofing, Stone and Tile, Saw cutting, and excavation. With excavation this is for small additions and retaining walls as this is what we’re equipped to handle. Looking for something else? Contact us and we’ll see how we can help. 

Residential crews pouring walls in sand
finished poured foundation and walls for a home
Crews pouring concrete walls for house with river view
Crews pouring concrete for walls in a field
Concrete sidewalk and stairs done in Grand Rapids

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